Mineheart Adds 21 New Surreal Art Prints to its Collection

Mineheart Adds 21 New Surreal Art Prints to its Collection

Posted by Mineheart on 13th Nov 2020

Surreal art is an ever popular trend and Mineheart is always looking for extraordinary art to add to its collection of canvases, paintings and prints. This week we added a further 21 unique surreal artworks to our collection, all by the supremely talented Himitsuhana. 

Fantasy surreal art photography

Himitsuhana is one of our favourite artists. She creates beautiful, dreamlike art using photography and a lot of imagination.

The 21 new surrealist artworks that have joined our collection span a wide range of styles and moods. They range from gothic fantasy art such as This is Nothing but Dreaming to more minimalist art, such as the abstract and thought-provoking The Key.

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Himitsuhana blends many genres in her surreal art. Some images are abstract portraits, others take inspiration from Pre Raphaelite art. Several pieces evoke classic surrealism reminiscent of Salvador Dali, with fantasy and mythology playing a key influential role.

Who is Himitsuhana?

Himitsuhana is Chiara Fersini, born in 1986 and Surrounded by art since childhood. Her mother, a painter and decorator, handed down her love for beauty and encouraged Chiara’s interest in visual arts. Her focus on photography started out after a study journey in Japan in 2007 and grew alongside Chiara’s love of digital artistry to create an intricate world that reflects her personal feelings and emotions. Himitsuhana’s works represent her fears, dreams, her sorrow and joy.

Himitsuhana seeks to investigate the relationships between photography and painting, taking inspiration from Pre-Raphaelite painters and Liberty style.

"I believe that photography is more than technique, it is more than having an expensive equipment. I am deeply convinced that photography (the way it means to me) is not the camera, it is the eye that stands behind the camera. My aim is to portray every single glance of the human soul and encourage people to dream and never stop believing in dreams."

Himitsuhana is the artist behind many of Mineheart’s most popular wall art designs, such as Air is Not Enough.

Air is not enough

Dream art by Himitsuhana

Himitsuhana is greatly influenced by her dreams. She says:

“My dreams are so vivid and complex that sometimes they stick in my mind all day long. I still wonder if we actually dream when we think we are dreaming or if we live the dream for real in another world or dimension maybe. One thing I know for certain, most of my dreams influence my daily life more than reality.”

The dream art below presents great examples of Himitsuhana’s work:Entering a Dream and Space Does Not Exist.

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Flying and flight art

Flying, feathers, birds and butterflies are recurring themes in Himitsuhana’s work. One of the photographs in the new collection is Peace, a very moving piece of surreal art dedicated to a close friend of Himitsuhana, Giada.

Speaking about her Peace art, she said:

“In the darkest days and the loneliest nights we still try to fill our cup with joy.We were given wings to fly high and open eyes to foresee our falls. But the more we try to fly, the more we are stuck, the more we embrace love the more we are beaten by it. You and me, my friend, we share the longing for peace, we are warriors not soldiers. We don't have to fight for recognition every time, struggling to be blessed by a word or a gesture and see our words and gestures drowning in a sea of indifference. Let's rest here with all our gifts, let's find peace.”

girl with butterfly wings art

Choosing the right surreal art for your home

We’re often asked how to choose the right wall art for your room. There’s no single answer to this question, but there are few ways to approach it.

First, and most simply, is to consider the colour scheme of the room. Are you seeking a piece of art that would blend into its surroundings, or create a vivid contrast?

If you need wall art to suit dark decor, for example, you might want to choose gothic art or a dark canvas, such as Himitsuhana’s Dias de Los Muertos framed print canvas, or Cassandra, a beautiful piece of moon art.

These pieces would also suit a room with a red decor theme or with blue tones.

assandra Framed Printed Canvas

Choosing artwork by room

Also consider the atmosphere you want the wall art to create in your room. Do you want the room to feel relaxing, calm, and peaceful - such as a bedroom, bathroom or study, or will it benefit from some energy and dynamism?

Consider the different feelings you get from these two examples of Himitsuhana’s work: the surreal fish wall art Expectations Fly High, compared with the Solitude wall art below.

Expectations Fly HighSolitude

Choosing artwork by theme

Some of us like to choose artwork by its theme - simplistically, for example, this might be a sense of water in a bathroom, or dream art in a bedroom. This can be a very effective way of narrowing down your choices of wall art.

Himitsuhana’s Mermaid wall art On the Rock of Silent fits a water art theme perfectly, while The Moment of Change is the Only Poem would suit a reading nook or study.

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What we love about Himitsuhana wall art

Having looked at all these pieces of exquisite wall art, we’re sure you’ll love Himitsuhana as much as we do by now!

Her photographs are ever popular with Mineheart customers because she is so skilled at creating such a range of visual experiences. Many of her images represent deeply abstract wall art, while others present a feeling of more classical Pre-raphaelite paintings.

We love how she brings a dreamlike quality to her wall art. Sensual elements such as water, clouds, butterflies and feathers are a common theme to her dream art.

Yet while some of her art is very soft and mesmerising, other pieces pack a visual punch. Just look at the contrast between That Day and Eyes Wide Shut, inspired by the Stanley Kubrick film.

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