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The finest canvas prints, canvas wall art and large canvas prints from Mineheart bringing you the best quality canvas prints available to buy online.

Mineheart offers the best hand stretched over wooden frame canvas prints available in the UK today. With an exceptional range to choose from and a canvas size range to match you’ll never find yourself short of wall art and decor options. Nearly all of the best and most loved artwork from Mineheart is available as standard on premium canvas.

One of Mineheart's most loved canvas prints is the colours collection which features the canvas print Colours Pink and Orange which is a canvas print version of the intriguing and mysterious Colours Pink and Orange Mixed Media Painting. This is one of numerous examples of original artworks being transformed into luxurious and elegant canvas prints.

When choosing a wall art, taking the canvas print option ensures you don't suffer from the glare of a glass or perspex fronted framed wall art. Canvas prints can be exceptionally large for that really impressive and imposing artwork you have been looking for, or they can be discrete and small if you wish. Allow for the artwork to be borderless and uninterrupted. Canvas prints stretched over a wood frame weigh far less than framed prints which may be an important consideration when choosing your wall art. They can even be hung in humid environments like bathrooms. These are just a handful of the advantages when having a canvas print.

Some disadvantages with canvas could be the texture of canvas, if this is personally something you do not have a liking and of course when you print to a canvas it is final where as a framed print could have a revised artwork inserted. This is where you might like to explore our Wall Art Customisation Service you can custom size, choose frames and make various other customisations.

Deciding on a canvas print over a framed print or art print etc is in the end, dependent on your tastes, preferences, and needs and you can see all of our wall art types here.

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