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Mineheart brings you this wonderful collection of luxury furniture online, to include cabinets and storage furniture - designed to be as practical as impressive. These pieces have all the appearance of luxury storage, because they possess outstanding configurations and illustrations, which make them ideal to decorate a determinate space with elegant strength. And it does not matter what space; from bedrooms to living rooms, even working offices or restaurants, they will allow you to add a touch of minimalistic extravagance in your life in one way or another. 

The Elizabeth cabinet is one of these designer cabinets online exhibited with a black satin finish. Moreover, it has a protagonist; a very fine woman from the past who poses very proudly with a mask: a work of wall art and a piece of furniture all in one. It can suit a pendant light, like the Muse statue lamp, rather than a framed canvas because it would be repetitive. In contrast to that, the wood veneered Cherry ornithological sketch cabinet, could suit the Madame Blush canvas, which would add a touch of sophistication and colour.