Are you in the market for some bright and interesting bathroom wallpaper to brighten your morning routine? Feast your eyes on our beautiful range of waterproof bathroom wallpaper. Each of these original designs has been lovingly created by some of the best established designers around. Each design is perfect to add an extra nuance to any bathroom and provide added intrigue for visitors. Among the stunning array of wallcoverings below, there is something for the animal lover.  Elegant, intricate designs boast an array of animals; such as field mice, snakes, birds and even the odd flying pig!  There are designs for the dreamer; wispy clouds blend into light blue hues. There are wallpapers for fans of the industrial look; wood planks, drawers and oak panelling make for a bold style choice. All of these waterproof wallpapers make a great addition to any home or hotel.

With a huge range of designs available, you are bound to find something to complement your space; whether it is wallpaper for a small bathroom or that of a larger area. Mineheart bathroom wallpapers are the perfect addition to make any interior a statement of style. All of our wallpapers are made from ethically sourced paper using pulp, with ultra-low VOC inks. For every roll sold, one additional tree is planted in areas of Africa which are heavily affected by deforestation. Making all Mineheart wallpapers the perfect choice for the style conscious and the planet!