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Art prints and wall art prints available to buy online from Mineheart. If you are seeking creativity and adventure in your wall art then explore the quirky wonderful world of Mineheart for luxury and designer wall art in the UK.

Art prints, what are they and are they better than canvas prints!? Well art prints are printed on to a paper type and canvas prints… well onto a canvas. But the answer to the question is they are just different. The choice comes down to personal tastes and preference and sometimes needs. Prints on Paper is the traditional way for printing contemporary artworks and photography, and it certainly has an aesthetic quality that is unique and well understood. All mineheart prints are museum quality and are a gently textured etching paper designed for the highest quality reproductions. This beautiful and versatile art paper is particularly suited to Giclée reproductions of artworks and paintings. Ideal for premium colour and monochrome prints.

Maintaining a traditional look and appeal our beautiful art prints can add a formal and decorative accent to your home or office. Paper prints exhibit somewhat more detail than canvas however glare and reflections from light are more likely on art prints than canvas prints. The artwork also needs to take into account how you intend to use it and the framing and the space required from the frame should you choose to frame your print. One of Mineheart’s most loved art prints is the Adele Limited Edition Print, a beautiful and subtle pastiche artwork that uses a combination of classic renaissance aesthetic portraiture and a modern culture icon. This is one of numerous examples of pastiche wall art from Mineheart. 

You might like to explore our Wall Art Customisation Service where you can custom the size, choose frames and make various other customisations. Deciding on an art print over a canvas print or framed print etc is in the end, dependent on your tastes, preferences, and needs and you can see all of our wall art types here.

Art prints 

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