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Mineheart put at your disposal this selection of the best wall art where eyes, which are often said to be the window of the soul, are essential: these portraits in which gaze has a great relevance, either due to its expressivity or its barriers. All the pieces are perfect for define the focal point of an important room, because mostly of them has this flavour of the traditional black and white photography wall art. But, depending on your décor choice, they can also be useful to lighten an area, because they do not forget modern touches.

A good example of this traditional and modern mix can be animal photography wall art. One such is the framed wall art photography Cousin Parker' canvas, paradoxically serious and funny at the same time. Blue Mark framed printed canvas, for its part, represents a person with all the solemnity a nobleman in a wall art photography could have. However, a literal brush stroke of colour brings some fresh air: just an example of the barriers in eyes mentioned above. Shape and colour lady 2 is a different option. Photography wall art can also have an abstract side without leaving behind the essence of a genuine portrait, as it is the case. Choose your favourite!


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