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Come to discover the fantastic luxury table lamps collection Mineheart offers you. It consists of different types of table lamps which cover a huge range of needs and tastes, all of them with the Mineheart style that makes them special. They have a unique style: this collection of lamps is peculiar, glamourous, captivating… able to light your nights, on your bedside table, or your afternoons, on a stool in your living room, with efficiency and a very appealing design. 

Let’s take the Feather table lamp black in its golden edition as an example. Apart from working with a LED bulb, which means a great ecological light, its composition will not go unnoticed by anyone. Made with actual ostrich feathers mounted on a gold metal structure, it does not look like anything you have seen before. But if black or gold are not your colours, you have other options with white feathers or black arms. The Waterloo table lamp is equally remarkable, and you can find it in black, pink or natural colour.

A collection of luxury table lamps of unique styles.  These designer table lamps cross styles such as feather table lamps, figurine table lamps and metallic table lamps.   Shop the collection of luxury lamps below.

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