Surreal art is thought to have originated in France, in the early 1920’s, around the same time and involving a lot of the same artists who pioneered ‘automatism’  which is a method that is often used whilst creating surreal art where the artist suppresses the conscious thought process going into making the art, allowing the unconscious area of the mind to have the ‘biggest say’.  This method of producing art is what brings us these unusual and dream-like works within the surreal wall art sector - The Migration framed art print being a perfect example of this style.

Mineheart has this fascinating surreal wall art collection at your disposal. From colorful surrealism art to dark surreal paintings - this beautiful surreal art is able to bring your walls to life in the most unusual way.    Letting your imagination run wild - or to a completely different universe and add a little bit of infinite fantasy inside the four walls of the room with a surreal canvas art. Bernard canvas is a surrealism art work which shows a dog dressed in clothing, patiently awaiting his photo to be taken.  If you are after an artwork that is a little more poetic, the Voice canvas may just suit - an Intriguing and relaxed framed art print, which seems to highlight the beauty of the sound of the sea - or not? Surrealism art always leaves room for interpretation. What is your opinion?