About Mineheart

"We wanted to create a design wonderland, where everyday objects are more than just functional, they contain stories, love, art and poetry..." 



Since the first wallpaper which became a product by accident, the idea behind Mineheart was to create a playground for creativity and adventure, where fantasy meets design, and dreams meet industry. We try to inject a sense of wonder into everyday objects and the spaces around us, telling stories and creating objects that are far from ordinary, they must be extraordinary in order to meaningfully exist.


Mineheart strives to support British manufacturing and is constantly looking to reduce the environmental impact of its products and materials used. Mineheart wallpapers are all made in England, printed using minimal low VOC inks (A+ French air quality standards), and for every roll of wallpaper sold Mineheart plants a tree in areas of Africa affected by heavy deforestation. Read more about our ethos and wallpaper for trees project here.


Mineheart can also produce customised designs and bespoke commissions for clients, creating wallpaper, murals, wall art and accessories tailored to specific project requirements. See the 'bespoke services' page here for more details.


Mineheart loves to collaborate with like-minded artists and designers and discover new materials and processes. We have worked with artists from various backgrounds whose imagination meets Mineheart in complementary and surprising ways. Mineheart works with both established and emerging designers and artists including Himitsuhana, Chad Wys, Angela Rossi, Joao Figueiredo and Courtney Brims, often mixing or twisting classical ideas in new and unexpected ways. Whether creating a new wallpaper with a designer or illustrator we just discovered, or a new work of art by a digital artist we love, we hope Mineheart products transmit a sense of wonder into the homes they are used in, and that this exciting journey of art and discovery for many years to come. Read more about the artists we work with here.


Chapter 1: Once upon a time