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Original Paintings for Sale

Original artworks from Mineheart available to buy online. With a number of original paintings for sale you can have a completely original and genuine one of painting and artwork not to be found anywhere else. Choosing to purchase an original painting for sale to add to or start your wall art collection is a real statement and places you into an very exclusive society of art owners.

Be it the original painting of Colours Red and Purple part of the colours collection which is a fusion of past and present. Seeing abstract expressionism layered over renaissance portraiture, an irreverent tribute to the work of Rothko and many renaissance masters. The original mixed media artworks have spawned so many loved prints throughout the Colours Series of wall art that the opportunity to own an original is an inviting opportunity that will doubtlessly be an investment worth every penny.

The original paintings from Mineheart afford you the chance to own pieces of Mineheart’s heart and soul for your very own and thus becoming part of the Mineheart family. When you start to create your own design wonderland after our very own hearts you’ll inject the wonder into your home and heart that is at the core of Mineheart’s ambition. 

Mineheart’s eclectic and diverse selection of wondrous and creative original paintings for sale has magical additions for any home or business combining the contemporary with classic aesthetics. As you may have discovered many originals go on to be highly desired prints and if you see an original you might like to have a print of that isn’t yet available then explore our Wall Art Customisation Service and get in touch to discuss the possibility.

Deciding on an original painting is a big commitment so please take your time and don’t forget you can see all of our wall art types here.


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