Mineheart invites you to know its feature wallpaper, able to transform radically a room providing personality and magnetism. All under the distinctive mark of elegance the Mineheart design has always had. This designer feature wall paper is perfect if you are bored with plain walls; it is different an impressive, but not for that reason less sophisticated or functional. This is why, among the collection, you can find the ideal bedroom feature wallpaper, or something appropriate for your living room, your dining room, and even your kitchen and toilet.

Not surprisingly, the effect of the feature wall wallpaper is very versatile depending on its style. For instance, a predominant purple wallpaper feature wall, like Purple science is for everyone wallpaper, can be really remarkable in a single wall. It would be ideal as bedroom feature wallpaper to add singularity and character to this space. By contrast, an almost grey feature wallpaper, Classico Paisley texture wallpaper - French green, more basic and clean, can look good in a whole room and provide luminosity. Moderna grid stucco wallpaper - Khaki & midnight would be an intermediate option, based on a bolder design. And now it is your turn: make your own choice!