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 Brick wallpaper designs are a great choice to lift your interior design and add interest to a wallspace. And, as you might expect from Mineheart, our brick effect wallpaper gives this design trend something of a twist.

 Mineheart brick wallpaper doesn’t seek to replicate a standard brick wall in the ordinary sense. Our designs take a more abstract approach to this decor style. Take a look at ourwhite brick wallpaperas an example. It’s a minimalist and contemporary version of the usual red brick wall paper. From afar, you definitely get the sense of whitewashed bricks, but as you get closer, you realise that this wallpaper is almost a cartoon version of brick wall.

 It’s a great look for a minimalist space and is very effective in a kitchen, bathroom or commercial setting. If you like this effect but are looking for a wallpaper design with a little more impact, you’ll love the three colour options for our brick wallpaper - pink, petroleum and tonal blue.

 Created in partnership with designer Emanuele Pangrazi, these designs are again a minimalist version of the brick effect, but in compelling colour combinations. Speaking about this range, Emanuele said: “the elimination of all that is superfluous gives the collection a graphic and modern appearance.”

These coloured brick wallpapers are very popular with interior designers looking for something that stands out in their projects. We also have other, similar options in our collection. Make sure you take a look at the more colourful options in our bookshelf wallpaper designs, and also our wood effect wallpaper options which span realistic wooden designs and more abstract versions in the same style as these brick designs.

Other options to consider are our geometric wallpaper designs. You can explore the whole Mineheart wallpaper range with our search filters: shop by design, shop by colour or even by room




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