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A luxurious grey rug could be the cornerstone of your interior design. On this page you’ll find all of our grey-hued rugs ready for your exploration. 

There are a wide variety of grey rugs in our collection, spanning both the traditional and contemporary sides of design. We have to start of course with our iconic grey cowhide rugs, which come in a variety of designs. We have a standard grey faux cowhide rug design or a long version for hallways and broader spaces.

 Look too at the haunting cowhide grey rug designs from Urbex photographer Furio Brigo, featuring abandoned buildings including a church and a psychiatric hospital.

 For a more traditional rug design, explore the Kashan Remix range: specifically the white edition which looks incredible in an interior theme. Our Monochrome Magic design is also highly popular with those seeking a high impact grey rug design.

 You might also like to consider more abstract rug designs, where we have adapted Mineheart wall art creations into rugs that will turn your flooring into a gallery. The Elements rug or Ink Flow by Michael Banks are perfect examples. He has also created some mesmerising rugs featuring the faces of statues: see Mosaic Statue 1 and Mosaic Statue 2.

 If your heart isn’t 100% set on a grey rug, use our search by colour function to explore all the colour options that could work in your interior project. Mineheart rugs come in a variety of shapes and sizes too, with circular rugs, square and rectangular rugs plus cowhide rugs to explore using our Search by shape filters.

 Mineheart’s luxurious rugs add both visual and tactile appeal to any floor, as we believe that art isn’t just for walls. Our medium pile, soft textured rugs are the ideal blend of beauty and function. They are ideal for both domestic use and in commercial settings. You will often see a Mineheart rug in a hotel, office space, private members’ club or boutique store. 


Grey Rugs

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