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Floral wall art is a popular genre within the Mineheart collection and flowers have always been a primary subject for art through the centuries. Our floral wall art ranges from traditional still life wall art and art with a focus on nature to artworks that are a little more abstract and surreal.  

Art featuring flowers can be a strong motif for any space in your interior, whether it’s a big, statement piece or part of a gallery wall. You might choose a floral art work with a strong dominant colour, such as the blue in Himitsuhana’s Scent of Cobalt or something more subtle, such as the field of red tulips in Flowers

Artists have always been fascinated by the delicate, short lived beauty of flowers which is why it’s so wonderful to capture them in floral wall art for your interior. Take a look at Hands Holding Flower as a poignant example. This is a classic Mineheart example by Young and Battaglia, where the artists take a real Renaissance artwork and create something new and mesmerising by removing everything but the hands and a single bloom. Floral art with a hint of darkness. 

Less is often more, with floral art. In The Shadow by Maximillion a single poppy stem creates a beautiful snapshot of nature in this haunting collage. Maximillion loves to blend items from nature with vintage photography to create art with depth and beauty. 

And in Fire is Not Enough a white rose bursts into flames, symbolising perhaps the end of a love affair, or a burning passion. 

If flowers and floral art are something of an obsession for you, don’t stop at wall art. Make sure you explore our floral wallpaper including the botanical range by Carolyn Jenkins. There are also some wonderful floral designs in our range of cushions. Mineheart is a treasure trove of floral wall art and much, much more.

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