Red Roses' printed canvas

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'Red Rose' printed canvas Design by Himitsuhana

God gave us wine to gladden the heart. But this portrait by Himitsuhana features a woman troubled by love. The deep dark red of the roses and wine hint to her story that she is longing to tell. Featuring an ornate frame printed onto the canvas, this is a modern take on a renaissance print. 

A collaboration between Mineheart and digital artist Himitsuhana, this stunning image is printed onto the finest quality canvas.

Option 1. Standard stretched canvas with printed ornate border: 

This canvas is stretched on to high quality wooden stretcher bars, and the printed ornate border gives the illusion of a frame. The frame illusion is not a real frame but printed design of a frame that looks like a wooden frame. 

        • Small size        : (W)   81.3 cm x (H)    66.0 cm x  (D)   4 cm  /  32.00” x 25.90” x 1.57” 
        • Medium size    : (W) 127.0 cm x (H)  101.6 cm x  (D)   4 cm  /  50.00” x 40.00” x 1.57”
        • Large size        : (W) 172.7 cm x (H)  137.2 cm x  (D)4.6 cm  /  67.99” x 54.02” x 1.80”
        • Lead Time        : 3 - 5 Working days for small sizes. And 2 to 3 weeks for the medium and large sizes.
        • Material            : Digitally printed stretched canvas
        • Customisation : Any of stretched canvas can be customised from as small as possible up to (H) XX cm x (W) XX cm subject to image quality resolution. For further enquiries on custom options email our support team on or call +441487831034

Option 2. Real Wooden Ornate Canvas Frame:

Any of our wall art can be made with an ornate wooden frame. The ornate frame comes in three different sizes and is available in two colour options (black or Gold) for each size. The below sizes are external sizes of the wooden frame and the price includes the frame and canvas print. 

        • Small                : (W)   75.0 cm   x  (H)   65.0 cm  x  (D)   / 29.53”  x 25.59” x 
        • Medium            : (W)  115.8 cm  x  (H)   90.4 cm  x  (D)   / 45.59”  x 35.59” x 
        • Large                : (W) 136.2 cm  x  (H) 105.6 cm  x  (D)    / 53.62”  x 41.57” x
        • Lead Time        : 1 - 3 Weeks for all wooden ornate frame sizes.
        • Material            :  Digitally printed canvas with real wooden frame.
        • Customisation : The ornate frame comes in the above three sizes and the size cannot be customised.


Renaissance painting, Dutch style, Extra large, Printed frame, Ornate frame, Oversized art