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Feel free to explore the Mineheart’s Candle Collections. From cashmere woods candle to sandalwood candle; with the help of the Mineheart store you can turn a simple room into this typical place where you find yourself so comfortable that you never want to leave it. Nothing is better than scent candles to improve the intimacy, cosiness and elegancy of a place. Can you imagine the pleasure of getting in a room and perceive the delicate perfume of a lavender scented candle? And the surprise of seeing it comes from a very trendy candle whose packaging matches with your wall art? This is which happens with the Lavender Scented Soy Candle and the Blindfold -5 Framed Printed Canvas, among other examples.

As everybody knows, scents have a mood-enhancing quality. Lavender is recognized for having a relaxing effect. And cashmere brings original warmth. So, a cashmere candle and a lavender candle can produce a magical effect on yours and your guests. But only two candles are not enough. The entire candle collections, apart from giving your home an extra special touch; will be perfect for creating the cosy atmosphere you only can get with the best scented candles. Check them all!


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