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Mineheart has this kitchen plates at your disposal, combining traditional and contemporary illustrations on ceramic to create an elegant atmosphere for all your meals. There are three different options in every kitchen plate set, normally in different sizes, and several can be sold in conjunction. This dinner plates are inspired by antique motifs, exotic crafts or artistic patters; perfect for having parties with relatives and friends. For sure, these exquisite pieces are going to attract their attention since they are near the cooker or kitchen hot plate just before serving, or even before, behind the kitchen cabinet kick plate. 

Kintsugi plates are a good example to illustrate the above mention magnetism. Based on the Japanese artistic tradition of the same name, these three plates consist on disparate pieces put together with gold. They are made with fine bone china, have an old-time flavour and the sections, although different, match perfectly, in both shape and design. Stack funk plates have something special: they draw on a visual and very artistic illusion which will leave you astounded. If you target kitchen plates correctly, they will inspire you to choose the best decoration for the rest of the space, even reaching the kitchen kick plate. Check it out!


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