Trade customer update

Mineheart Trade Partner

We are updating our records to ensure that we provide you with the best service possible as we seek to expand our global reach.

 In order for us to make sure that you still get the appropriate level of service and stay in line with GDPR, can you please kindly update your contact details on our database.

 It is very important that you complete all the information requested below to ensure that you do not miss out on any important retail-related communications.

 Where only one email applies to more than one function in your organisation, please make sure to include the same email on all the relevant sections that you wish to receive communications related to.




In the same spirit, can you please also update your records with the correct Mineheart contact details?

Marketing for all inquiries relating to any potential marketing collaborations, influencers competitions -

Trade for all inquiries to do with new products launches, promotional campaigns, trade discounts reviews, price lists, etc -

Orders and day to day customer service issues relating to orders -

PR for general public relations matters -

For any other inquiries including concerns and complaints -