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Discover the Mineheart still life canvas prints, composed of different still life prints under the same creative idea; combining modernism, mostly represented by bright colours, and an old-time flavour. Each still life painting is appropriate to decorate many different spaces, from living rooms or dining rooms to bedrooms, even commercial areas. It can be paradoxical, but is true: this still life art is ideal for revitalizing the general atmosphere in a room. 

For instance, the Scent of cobalt canvas is a flower still life painting where white roses are painting, literally, with a more than spectacular blue pigment. It would be ideal to define a living room as an elegant and modern space, and combining with a blue Kiki pendant lamp, to take advantage of this colour. On the contrary, the Still pink’ canvas gets the same effect with an intense fuchsia tone, the Kashan remix orange pink rug could complete the design.

Still Life

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