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Bookshelf wallpaper is a wonderful way to add a unique design to your walls. Our book wallpaper is part of our collection of trompe l'oeil designs, that fool the eye into thinking there's more to your walls. Perfect for any book lover, our bookcase wallpaper designs are popular for alcoves, reading nooks and home offices. They also work really well as a wallpaper feature to soften a kitchen to become more of a living space, or give visual interest to a hallway of landing.

One of our original designer wallpaper collections, our bookcase wallpaper ranges from realistic to minimalistic. There are 16 designs in the collection, covering a broad range of styles and colour options. Compare the vintage with the white bookcase luxury wallpaper for example. Each will create very different but equally striking effects for your walls. You can use our range of library wallpaper to create a virtual bookcase wall or bring a more abstract, contemporary elegance to your space.

The dark and black bookcase wallpaper designs will create a cosy, 'after dark' feel to your room, which can be very effective for a dining room or snug. Meanwhile the various white designs such as the photocopy bookshelf, almost white photocopy and white bookshelf outline designs take their inspiration from books but evolve the idea to create something bright, airy and unique - a whole new dimension to the classic white wall. Our coloured outline wallpapers take this one step further, using a variety of tones for the 'books' and embracing colours to suit any space: pink, petroleum, aquamarine, grey and navy.

Order samples of the designs you like below - just click on the link under the product information to put them in your basket. Or, you can explore other trompe l'oeil wallpaper designs in our range such as panelling, Chesterfield, wrought metal and cast iron. Looking for a particular colour? You can explore our full collection according to the colours you prefer in our Shop by Colour section.  



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