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Discover Mineheart’s luxury mural wallpaper, designed to make a real statement in your living room, bedroom or office. With this hand-picked collection of designer wallpapers you can create a piece of art across one or more walls in your room. A wall mural is a wonderful option for any space that needs something extra special.

Our wall mural wallpaper is made to order to fits your walls perfectly, transforming any space. Just browse our collection of mural wallpapers and make your choice - you can order a sample to see how the colour and image looks in your room before you buy. Then, it's a question of measuring your walls to get the right size mural wallpaper. The designs below can either be ordered as a set wall size to match your dimensions, or as a bespoke project, depending on your measurements.

As you will see, there are various options depending on the design. You might choose a repeating design where wallpaper drops can be matched in any order, or a full fresco which needs to be applied in a set sequence of drops. Note that our wallpaper murals are priced by wall size, rather than per roll.