Browse a huge selection of modern washable wallpaper designs for kitchen and kitchen cabinets to give a new look to your room.

Are you on the hunt for bold, captivating kitchen wallpapers? Perhaps you are looking to add a distinctive flair to your room, with bold faced kitchen cupboards? Well, look no further. At Mineheart we have a wide range of stunning wall coverings. Browse the huge selection of modern washable wallpaper designs for your kitchen or kitchen cabinets to give a striking new look to your home. Whether you prefer modern graphic designs, or have a penchant for the classic – our beautiful collection of washable kitchen wallpapers have been designed by some of the best design studios around. 

Found the ideal kitchen wallpaper, but not in the colour you want? No problem! We happily will match to a pantone you desire. At Mineheart we want to enable you to create your dream look, at the best price. All of our wallpapers are made from ethically sourced paper using pulp, with ultra-low VOC inks. For every roll sold, one additional tree is planted in areas of Africa which are heavily affected by deforestation. Making all Mineheart wallpapers the perfect choice for the style conscious and the planet!