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Landscape wall art has something of a double meaning. Are we talking about art that focuses on views and vistas? Or, more practically, the orientation of a piece of art?

Well, for once we have taken the pragmatic approach. With so many pieces of luxury wall art presented in a portrait orientation, it can be tricky to find those elusive exceptions to the rule. 

Below is our range of imagery that takes the less common route. If you’re seeking that perfect centrepiece for your gallery wall, here’s the place to find it. But if you’re looking for the other kind of landscape wall art, we have that too for you, under wall art by subject

The big question is, why is art so often oriented in the portrait route, with the long edge the vertical side? The clue is in the name - with so much of our art history led by head and shoulder paintings of the nobility of the time, it slowly became the norm for all art to follow suit and take a portrait orientation. 

Because we are so conditioned to expect art in a portrait aspect, introducing landscape art into your collection can bring a fresh look and a new feel to your interior. If you want to make a serious statement with your landscape wall art, choose a large dimension and make the piece a real feature.

Remember that most Mineheart wall art is fully customisable and we can create a bespoke size for your project. Just visit our customisation page and we’ll do the rest. 

There are numerous Himitsuhana creations in our collection of landscape art, which would form a wonderful gallery. White Dress, Red Roses and Portrait Del’Artiste would work particularly well as a set of three landscape canvas prints. 

Tale a look too at the abstract artworks by Vincenzo Sgaramella. Drapery with Yellow and Purple with Woman would be an excellent pair of landscape designs.



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