Scribbles over Mary

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Scribbles over Mary - Framed Printed canvas By Chad Wys

Scribbles over Mary - this scribble art is a unique contemporary wall art from Mineheart blending classical and modern styles including graffiti art. This framed abstract canvas will bring a colourful yet thought provoking Virgin Mary art for your walls.

Mary is one of the world's most celebrated figures, the subject of so many iconic sculptures and paintings. Her air of contemplation really comes through in this piece of art, which gains huge visual impact through the clever use of colour to both enhance and deface the image.

Artist Chad Wys gives us the sense that an image of a sculpture of Mary has been daubed with multicolour paint and scribbles of crayon, giving the piece a unique visual style. Chad is well known for his skill in challenging what we find beautiful. He loves to juxtapose contrasting ideas, with the aim to create art with a sense of fun, while also making that fun meaningful.

This graffiti art is perfect as a focal point for any room, creating both a piece to be contemplated and a bright burst of colour for your space. It will work brilliantly as part of a gallery wall, or alone as a high impact wall art canvas. Scribbles over Mary is available on framed canvas in a range of sizes from miniature to large. That means you can choose the perfect dimensions for your wall.

If you love this artwork but would like it in a different format - a bespoke size or frame option for example, we'll be glad to help. Just take a look at our customisation page. Chad Wys is a Mineheart favourite - his modern take on classical artworks plays perfectly into our 'Modernaissance' approach to art. He is an interdisciplinary artist and designer based in the MidWest of the USA. Explore more wall art designs by Chad Wys or look at our other Modern Art designs.

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