Christmas Gift Ideas 2022 | Mineheart

Christmas Gift Ideas 2022 | Mineheart

Posted by Faith McMath on 9th Sep 2022

Need gift ideas for Christmas? Finding a gift that really wows the recipient can be tricky - but it feels so good to get it right. If you’re looking for the perfect present for someone who loves interiors and unique design ideas, you’re definitely in the right place. Mineheart is a treasure trove of art gift ideas that are different from the norm. Here’s our guide to Christmas 2022.

Lavish and unique interiors gift ideas

Soul Searching rugs by Mad ShackLet’s start big and bold with some of the most extravagant and impactful gift ideas for 2022. These are some of the most coveted Mineheart items that interior designers love.

New for 2022 is the high impact Soul Searching rug. Available in red or blue these faux cowhide rugs look just stunning in any interior. The modern abstract art design contrasts with the traditional ‘animal skin’ look, with flashes of tiger and hyena print to create an irresistible effect. These rugs are going to be HUGE in 2023, so get ahead and indulge someone this Christmas.

Sistine rug multicolor

If bold and bright isn’t quite right for the person you have in mind for a Mineheart gift, take a look at the Sistine circular rug from Himitsuhana. This is a Renaissance style design that works in all kinds of settings - and is a feminist take on the famous chapel ceiling.

We love the perfect visual balance of the three floating figures, gazing at a peaceful dove in the centre of this rug. It’s a wonderful focal point for any room - especially one that requires a touch of ethereal beauty.

For more ideas take a look at our full luxury rug collection.

Graffiti 4 Rug

Another sure fire winner when it comes to luxury gift ideas is a designer lamp. Imagine the excitement of unwrapping our All Black Feather Lamp on Christmas day! What could be more decadent and sensual than ostrich feathers - think 1920s Great Gatsby chic. This lamp design is ever popular and an unforgettable gift.

We have an extensive range of table lamps, floor lamps and pendant lighting to explore.

The perfect art gift

The secret to choosing the ideal designer art gift for your friend or family member is to match it with their style, preferences and personality.

For a bright, lively and forward looking person, take a look at our Pop Art collection - including our newest designs in a pop graffiti style. For a person who loves comic book art, look no further than our Pop Portraits as an art gift. These update Renaissance portraits with comic book eyes - completely changing the expressions of the subject.

Pop Portrait Collection

For more art gift ideas in vintage, classic and historical styles, take a look at our Renaissance wall art designs. Some are serious, some are much more tongue in cheek. What would make your recipient smile?

Our parodies are always popular art gift ideas. Our designers have added a twist to a series of famous paintings Examples include Young Woman with a Facial; Mona Lisa Apple and Venus Surfing.

Cucumbers On face

You might also like our slightly spooky ‘invisible’ series where famous paintings have lost all trace of the person within their frames. Take a look at Girl Without a Pearl Earring or Military Costume Without Old Man.

Surreal art gifts

Surreal art spans many different styles, and our collection includes wall art gift options that are strangely dreamlike, sensuous and beautiful, humorous and cheerful, or dark and disconcerting.

Animal lovers are always delighted to receive an art gift from our surreal animal portrait collection by Angela Rossi - perfect for a workspace or living area.

Princess Flaminia' Canvas

For an art gift that’s more dreamlike and gentle, explore the surreal art designs from Himitsuhana. Her photographic and digital techniques augment reality, creating a new and wonderful fantasy world.

Expectations Fly High Framed Printed Canvas

If something darker and more moody will fit the bill, take a look at the work of Stefano Bonazzi. He has created a fascinating world inhabited by faceless characters in dramatic scenery and abstract situations. A mysterious option for an art gift…

The white sky XXXI

Gift ideas for the Home

Princess Flaminia Cushion

The right interiors gift will be highly treasured for ever. At Mineheart we specialise in the unique and the different, adding a little twist of joy to the home.

Our expansive collection of luxury cushions are always an excellent source of Christmas gifts. We’ve always said that designer wall art is not just for walls. These designer cushions are based on pieces from our eclectic art collection - adding interest and comfort to any chair or sofa you might choose.

New for Christmas 2022 are the beautiful English Rose in the Jungle designs, available in pink and blue. For something more colourful and vibrant, you might also like the Comic Strip series with options in yellow, orange and green.

Ornaments and ceramics are also great gift ideas for the home. Our animal themed sculptures from Angela Rossi Princess Flaminia, Brother Stanwick and Grandfather Olaf, are ever popular and available in a range of colours.

Brother Stanwick figurine -Blue/Green

For French Bulldog lovers, our proud Frenchie statues will be delighted to adorn a mantelpiece or shelf.

We also sell a range of plates and crockery - our unusual Kintsugi plates celebrate the traditional Japanese art of repairing broken ceramics with seams of gold. Every plate is a clever composition of antique crockery designs.

Smaller gift ideas

We also have a range of smaller gifts including bags, scarves and candles - perfect to make someone feel special this Christmas.

Poetry Plates

Our clutch bags are perfect for tablets, laptops or to be used as toiletry bags. They feature iconic Mineheart designs such as the Orange Pencil and New World Damask. And, as these designers are made from recycled PET, this is also a gift that’s environmentally friendly.

Morris Dream Clutch

Looking for something small, yet luxurious? Our collection of scented candles are a wonderful gift idea. The outer box features Mineheart artworks and each candle, with the scent options of lavender, cashmere and sandalwood, is enclosed in quality metallic glassware.

Finally, don’t miss our collection of designer scarves. Depicting Mineheart artworks and wallpaper designs, these silk blend scarves add an artistic flair to any outfit.


Gift ideas for everyone

Sandalwood Scented Candle

Our online store is all about bringing you a sense of the extraordinary. Explore all our categories to discover uncommon gifts for everyone, from designer wall art and luxury lighting to accessories, rugs and furniture.

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