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Mineheart brings you this fantastic collection composed by the best laptop bags, which is going to suit your style whatever it is. Available in different sizes, from 14 inch laptop bag to 17 inch laptop bag, including 15 inch laptop bag, it will allow you to transport your computer or other accessories in a protected way, but also with all the exquisiteness these designer laptop bags have. The collection, made from recycled PET, suits most models of iPads and MacBooks and puts together laptop bags for women and laptop bags for men. And a peculiar feature of some of these pretty laptop bags is they are based on artworks which have a replica as a framed canvas picture.

This is the case of the Submerged-2 clutch and the Submerged-2 framed printed canvas. Or the Monsieur Mint clutch and the Monsieur Mint' canvas. Or The orange pencil clutch and The orange pencil canvas. Can you imagine the surprise of your friends when seeing your laptop bag matches with your decoration at home? Well; don't miss this: the Morris Dream Clutch has clones as wallpaper, and fabric, both of them available in more than a colour. Now you can choose, what is your favourite?

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