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Come to discover the Mineheart clutch bags collection, all of which incorporate a very artistic design - making an item of everyday use artistic and fun. The clutch bags collection are versatile, each of them can be used as a travel bag, purse or pencil case, as well as laptop bag. They are suitable for most models of iPads and MacBooks and available in different sizes. And all of these pretty laptop bags; the 14 inch laptop bag, the 15 inch laptop bag, and of course the 17 inch laptop bag, will provide you with the best style in an environmentally friendly approach, because they are made from hard-wearing recycled PET fabric, which make them one of the best laptop bags you can find on the market.

The Monsieur Mint Clutch is one of these designer laptop bags, and its elegant and picturesque illustration makes it suitable as laptop bags for women or laptop bags for men.  The Submerged-2 clutch provides a comical design, regardless if you are a man or a woman.

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