Uncommon Christmas Gifts from Mineheart

Uncommon Christmas Gifts from Mineheart

Posted by Faith McMath on 13th Oct 2021

Pendant Lighting

The festive season is fast approaching and you might soon be turning your mind to finding the perfect Christmas gifts for the special people in your life.

Christmas 2021 is all set to be a super-special one after the challenges of the last 18 months. Now is the time to say thank you to all your nearest and dearest for their support and love during a time that has been hard for everyone.

So let Mineheart help you find something fabulous and perfect for that unique someone, from designer wall art to luxury lighting.

Designer wall art Christmas gifts

Grey Velvet Sofa with Graffiti Graphic              

+Choosing an art gift for someone can be a little daunting, but the right choice can be a true delight - a present for a lifetime. The secret to choosing the right designer wall art for your friend or family member is to match it to their personality.

Are they a lover of vintage, classic and historical objects and styles? Take a look at our Renaissance style art canvases. Some are serious, some are tongue in cheek, so see what would make your recipient smile.

If they are an art connoisseur, would they enjoy some of our parody art - where our designers take a famous painting and add a twist? Examples include Girl Without a Pearl Earring; Young Woman with a Facial; Mona Lisa Apple and Venus Surfing.

Surreal wall art Christmas gifts

Angels over city Framed Printed Canvas

Many people love surreal art, and it spans so many different styles of artwork. Our own collection features pieces that are dreamlike and strange, funny and engaging, sensuous and beautiful or dark and unnerving.

For a lighter, humorous piece of surreal art, many people love the collection of surreal animal portraits from Angela Rossi - the perfect artwork for a study or workspace.

If your gift recipient likes things that are more thoughtful, dreamlike and whimsical, surreal wall art designs from Himitsuhana could create the perfect mood. She blends photography and digital techniques to augment reality and create her own fantasy world.

Or, for a darker undercurrent, explore the work of Maximillion whose surreal collages create moody, atmospheric canvas art prints. You might also like the work of Stefano Bonazzi who manipulates digital images to develop faceless characters in different settings and situations.

Pop art Christmas gifts

 Lady Puzzled Portrait Green Dress

+Perhaps the person you are buying for likes bold colours and bright designs? In that case our collection of Pop Art will be an Aladdin’s cave of delights. Don’t miss our new Puzzled collection, which blends faces from real Renaissance portraits to create something new and vibrant.

When it comes to designer wall art, we have all the bases covered!

Christmas Gifts for the Home

Feather Pendant Lamp Black

Buying a gift for someone’s home can often end up as a highly treasured present. The right item, from luxury lighting to a designer cushion, will give your recipient joy every day.

Start by taking a look at our table lamp collection. We have an eclectic mix of luxury lighting designs that do much more than brighten up a dark corner - they become a focal point in any room.

Waterloo Table Lamp

A popular choice of gift is the Pink Waterloo Table Lamp - although it’s not for everyone! Meanwhile the Feather Table lamp adds a touch of 1920s luxury lighting glamour to any home. Make sure you look at the full range of luxury lighting in our collection - don’t miss a thing

If luxury lighting isn’t quite the right choice of gift, take a look at our expansive collection of luxury cushions. We firmly believe that designer wall art is not just for walls. Our cushions reflect our eclectic art collection, with our popular art canvas designs adapted into luxurious cushions for a sofa, bench, chair or even chaise longue.

Ceramic Christmas Gifts

Kintsugi Plates

Another great choice as a gift is a unique plate or ornament for your friend or family member’s home.

Take a look at our unusual Kintsugi plates: a celebration of the traditional Japanese art of repairing broken ceramics with seams of gold. Each plate is a mismatched composition of antique crockery designs.

For something more modern, consider the Funky Undercover Antique Plates - a series of brightly coloured splashes on china to reveal a traditional plate design.

Or, take a look at our collection of ornaments, with an animal theme. Many of Angela Rossi’s creations have been replicated as unique figurines such as Princess Flaminia, Brother Stanwick and Grandfather Olaf, each available in a range of colour options.

Brother Stanwick figurine -Blue/Green

For a French Bulldog fan, we have a range of proud looking Frenchies ready to adorn a shelf or mantelpiece. It will look great next to some Mineheart luxury lighting.

Candles, bags and scarves

Sandalwood Scented Candle

We also have a range of smaller gifts that are no less special than our designer wall art and luxury lighting.

Our clutch bags are perfect for protecting laptops and tablets. They feature some of the most iconic Mineheart designs including the Orange Pencil and Monsieur Mint. Made from recycled PET, this is also a gift that’s kind to the environment.


Our collection of scented candles are perfect as a smaller gift that spells luxury lighting. The packaging features Mineheart artworks and each candle, with the options of sandalwood, lavender and cashmere, is encased in quality metallic glassware.


For the friend who has everything, our collection of designer scarves are the perfect option. A selection of Mineheart artworks and wallpaper designs have been captured in silk blend scarves to add a chic look to any outfit.

A gift for everyone

Our online store has products for all tastes - with a sense of the extraordinary. Explore all our categories to discover uncommon gifts for everyone, from designer wall art and luxury lighting to accessories, rugs and even furniture.

And we haven’t even mentioned our huge collection of designer wallpaper. Is there someone in your life who would love a room in their home renovated? Make it a gift. Order a few wallpaper samples and offer to redecorate their chosen space as your Christmas present to them.

When it comes to thoughtful gift giving, there’s so much to explore at Mineheart - luxury lighting, wall art, accessories and much much more. 

Oud Wood Soy Scented Candle