Red Dream Wall art

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Red Dream Wall art Designed by Maximillion

Dark Matter Collection. This print formed part of Maximillion's inaugural exhibition held at The Malt Cross, a restored Victorian Music Hall, in Nottingham November 2017. The exhibition was entitled 'Dark Matter' in reference to the cosmological theory that most of the matter in the universe is unseen.

Based on a studio portrait of a female film star, this image luxuriates in capturing the bold red, lime green and dark contrast of the 1950's original. Look closely and you can see into the past, in the form of a dot screen, individual dots of cyan, yellow, magenta and black - the method of colour printing before digital reproduction. The scene is set, possibly underwater or outer space, the black globe of heavy metals, a planet or ubiquitous black hole. The eye looks outward as if maybe through the crosshairs of a telescope (actually scribbled pencil graffiti on the original photo by an unknown hand). Frozen black seaweed make shapes reminiscent of wrought iron.

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Dark Matter