This New Life Wall art

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This New Life Wall art Designed by Maximillion

Dark Matter Collection. This print formed part of Maximillion's inaugural exhibition held at The Malt Cross, a restored Victorian Music Hall, in Nottingham November 2017. The exhibition was entitled 'Dark Matter' in reference to the cosmological theory that most of the matter in the universe is unseen.

The title 'This New Life' echoes that of the dystopian novel 'Brave New World' by Aldous Huxley. The vision is of a performer on stage, at the bottom of the sea or weightless on the moon, their head encased in a bubble of green glass or liquid - to help them breathe. The spiral on the shell is a symbol of the universe, the shape of a spiral galaxy. The incredible detail of the individual strands of a feather mesmerise and create a state of contemplation of the beauty of the natural world and it's patterns and structures.

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Dark Matter