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Pop art is the art movement emerged in the in the fifties in which pop art artists (Andy Warhol can be its highest representative) rebelled against traditional art, considered too much fine and elitist. We are not in the fifties anymore, but it does not mean the movement is death. It is still alive, for example, in the shape of pop culture wall art. Mineheart offers you a selection of the best pop art wall décor, always with the elegance pertain to Mineheart company.

Any of them can perfectly go together with other products. According to its subject, the Eye Doll Wall Light – Marilyn is ideal. What could be more appropriate for pop art wall art than the look of one of its maximum muses? But we do not have to limit ourselves to the same matter. Neutral wallpaper can help to maximize the features of pop art wall art. Moderna Grid Stucco wallpaper - Warm Ivory will allow a black and white wall art with pop of color, for instance, to preserve all its prominence. Dark Bookshelf Wallpaper, by contrast, would be a more risky option. Why don't you take a look at all this pop wall art and decide what would be your favourite?

Pop Art

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