Wall Art trends 2024

Wall Art trends 2024

3rd Feb 2024

What To Keep In Mind While Choosing 

Wall Art In 2024

There is nothing more personal than the art we choose to surround ourselves within the home. Whether the setting is of a light, bright and airy feel with a minimal design - or a daring “crash, bang, colour” type of interior - there is always art to be seen and enjoyed! Wall art says a lot about us, almost transmitting our personality into an ambience - creating a unique space from one home to another.

It can be difficult to choose that piece of art that is to take centre stage in your sociable living space and as people grow keener and bolder in 2024 with the designs they add, what’s on offer will also grow through-out this year. Depending on what stage you are at with styling your room, choosing the wall art as one of the first stages can make the rest of the room designing much easier, as you will already have a colour pallette to work from - finding art to fit an already created room is much harder! (So if you’re about to start your Spring make-overs - keep this in mind!) We have outlined some key points to keep in mind for choosing your  wall art in 2024.

1. Large Canvas Wall Arts

As we progress into 2024, people are appreciating large wall arts more and more - in both commercial and residential settings. A large wall art doesn’t mean you have to cram a 400cm x 400cm art design into your 1 bedroom studio flat - the play in size depends entirely on the ratio of the artwork size to the room in which it lies. For example, adding a medium sized canvas  art print to a smaller area, such as the bathroom can create a fantastic effect - as seen below, created by Jimmie Martin.

Bubblegum Portrait -5

Or, if you fancy even larger….

Air is Not Enough Canvas

 2. Surreal Canvas Art Prints

Art has always provided a mental escape, both when being created and being viewed - people are getting quirkier and bolder in their art choices meaning that through-out 2024 we will be seeing more and more surreal art designs in the home. What is surrealism?

The white sky-XIX

3. A Trio Of Wall Art

Creating an impact with smaller wall art prints is so much better when there’s three, right?! With your 2024 revamp, combine this with a simple, black frame that runs across all three designs of the same size and the result is a minimal, yet seemingly well-thought-out,  gallery wall of your own style!

Senora Emanuela' Canvas

4. Strong Faces And Statement Portraits

Being surrounded by faces always gives a room a warming and familiar feel, even when you do not personally know the people within the portrait - max out on this with larger sizes for a greater impact in 2024. 

Man with Tongue out 1 Framed Printed canvas

5. Animal Wall Art Prints

The love for animals has always been strong, but in 2024 we will be seeing more people express this in the form of their home decor - there will be animal print cushions and curtains alongside framed wall art in the living rooms of their beloved pets or exotic beasts….



6. Bold Colourful Wall Art

Gold wall art, pink wall art, multi-coloured wall art - 2024 interiors trends will be seeing them all! You can add colour to minimal, colour to dark and even colour to colour - people are just free to do as they wish and colours are becoming important in expressing ourselves within home decor in 2024.

The Pink Pencil' Canvas  Yellow mark Framed Printed Canvas

Shape and colour yellow

7. Rich And Royal Colour Tones

As 2020 colour of the year, as you may already know, is royal blue this will be having an impact on the other popular colours for the year, to include luxurious teal greens and deep ruby reds to build around the blues of interiors in 2024!

   Moods of Marilyn  The Key Framed Print

The Swingers Canvas

8. Gallery Walls

You may have already seen a lot of buzz around gallery walls in 2019 but this is only the start, 2024 is going to bring a lot more hype and inspiration in adding gallery walls to the home

Credit: Andrea Groot

9. Luxury Framed Wall Art

Whether this be a minimalistic box frame, a heavy duty ornate wooden frame, or Mineheart’s classic visual play of their 2D printed frame (as seen on the Orange Pencil Lady Portrait Print) - frames are a great way to enhance the art work you have. Through-out 2024 we will be seeing a lot more choice in regards to framing options and inspiration on how best to style framed  art work in the home…


Blindfold 2 Framed Printed Canvas   Submerged-2 Framed Printed Canvas

10. Modern Wall Art That Speaks Your Style

It is easy to get led astray from your own personality when there's so much inspiration around, but it is important to keep your artwork decisions in 2024 personal to you - it may be visually pleasing to keep your gallery wall in nice straight, geometric lines but if you are more of the “where-ever it fits, it goes” type personality then apply this when building your gallery wall - your artwork in the home is for you, so make sure you chose it in this way!

The Orange Pencil Canvas