The Migration Canvas

Stefano Bonazzi
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50.80 (cm)
71.10 (cm)
1.90 (cm)

The Migration Canvas by Stefano Bonazzi

Surreal and dreamlike, Stefano expresses his ideas of the uncertain modern world, and his vision of our time is poured out in to digital elaborations, exquisitely pictorial and softly hallucinogenic. His poetic assemblages are created by using a combination of photography and digital art. Faceless characters are trapped in dream-like settings, where fantasy meets reality. In this wonderland of The Migration art work, we can see a delicate young deer, carefully treading through the water whilst carrying the weight of a gothic looking metropolis in her back, a shoe-less girl is approaching - will she climb the lader? The beauty of this design is that you can make your own story, everyones perception of the art will be different.


71.1cm x 50.8cm x1.9cm


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