The Migration Canvas

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The Migration Canvas by Stefano Bonazzi

In this wonderland of The Migration digital canvas, we see a delicate young deer, carefully treading through the water whilst carrying the weight of a gothic looking metropolis in her back. A shoe-less girl is approaching - will she climb the lader? The beauty of this deer canvas art is that you can make your own story, everyone's perception of the art will be different.

The artist, Stefano Bonazzi is a firm favourite with Mineheart customers. His digital canvas prints focus on faceless humans whose body language conveys their emotions, often placed in a loney  and mysterious landscape. He also has a love of umbrellas - appearing in many of his artworks including the legs of this canvas art deer. 

This deer girl art is a unique and haunting piece that will bring a thoughtful atmosphere to any room it is displayed in. It is beautful and contemplative, as well as surreal. 

You might choose to hang the Migration canvas for digital art with other Stefano Bonazzi works. This piece pairs well with the Cemetery of Umbrellas and The White Sky XIX, or you might like to explore other surreal art or landscape art in our collection. You can find out more about the artist and the themes within his work in this blog article


Product Information 

  • Size                   : (H) 71.1 cm x (W) 50.8 cm  x (D) 3.2 cm  / 27.99” x 20.00” x 1.25”
  • Frame                : Classic wooden Black box frame(3.2cm depth)
  • Material             : 280g Matte polyester canvas, FSC certified Natural Birch wood box frame 
  • Customisation  : This design can be customized to a maximum size of up to of (H) 127.0 cm x (W)  101.6 cm 

Lead Time:  3 - 5 working days.

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