How to decorate with nature inspired art

How to decorate with nature inspired art

Posted by Faith McMath on 15th Mar 2023

The white sky XXXI

Nature art and animal art can be the key to unlocking the perfect mood for your interiors project.

When you’re looking for art to complete your interior design, it can be challenging to find the right look for the space. There are so many artistic genres out there - searching everything is just too big a task.

For hundreds of years artists have focused on the world of nature for their creations. Nature art is a genre that works for almost every interior theme - after all, nature is everywhere. As humans, we can never fail to appreciate the beauty of nature, even in its simplest forms.

In this blog we look at nature art and animal art and how they can enhance an interior space.

Mr Geotrupes canvas Sir Ladybug Canvas

Nature art - sky and mountains

If you’ve ever climbed a mountain you’ll know how incredible it feels to be surrounded by rock and sky. There is something humbling about feeling so small in a vast landscape.

Even on a flat piece of land the feeling of being surrounded by the sky is deeply calming.

This is a feeling that many of us want to capture and remember in everyday life - which is why there is such a vast array of nature art featuring skies and dramatic landscapes.

Examples of this in our collection include The White Sky XIX and The White Sky XXXIII.

The white sky-XIXThe white sky XXXIII   

Nature art - sea and water

The sea and the world’s lakes are equally inspiring as a source of art for your design. Whether you prefer a calm, blue sea that evokes a feeling of serenity or a powerful, stormy sea with crashing waves, a seascape is always a wonderful source of nature art in any space.

Consider a sea design for bathroom settings or any project in a maritime or seaside setting,

A Breach Between Dimensions Framed Printed Canvas

Nature art - plants and leaves

Plants and flowers have fascinated artists for all time - their intricacies have challenged painters for centuries and their simplicity can create a sense of wonder.

We all know that gardens and even indoor plants are good for our wellbeing, and representing natural forms in the art we see indoors helps retain that sense of calm.

There are so many art forms that represent plants and even fungi - this is a rich seam of art inspiration for your interior theme.

Amanita Virosa Wall art

Nature art - smoke and shadows

The beauty of nature is that some things are just so intangible and strange. Smoke, for example, is always captivating to watch as it swirls and rises into the air. The way it slowly fades as it curls away from the fire is hypnotic and mesmerising.

Shadows are just as ethereal, and all the more interesting because they surround us everywhere. It is only when we really stop to consider them that we realise how beautiful and understated they really are.

Smoke 3

Animal art - fish and birds

Now we start to move into the world of animals as part of our look at nature art. Fish and birds are fascinating subjects for art. It’s because they are living creatures, yet they are so different from us that they hold a certain air of mystery.

The face of a fish has so little expression, and its circular, lidless eyes always have a look of astonishment. Yet their scales and fins are so carefully constructed - they are a thing of beauty.

Birds have equally fascinating features - the same, staring eyes and a cruel looking beak, but these contrast so much with the wonder of a feather. Feathers are a feat of engineering - soft, light, yet capable of taking a bird into the air.

Expectations Fly High Framed Printed Canvas

Animal art - insects

Insects are a controversial category when it comes to animal art. Many people loathe insects and will flee from the sight of a fly or wasp.

Yet as a nation we have a real love of certain insects - the honey bee for example, or the beautiful butterfly. At Mineheart some of our animal art celebrates the beauty of the beetle - take a look at Sir Ladybug and Mx Synaptola for example. These are just breathtaking animal art examples.

Portrait of Blue and White Butterfly on Lady Portrait of Orange and Green Butterfly on Lady

Animal art - our furry friends

While insects, fish and birds can seem quite alien to us, mammals evoke much more positive feelings from us - which is why animal art is so appealing to us all.

Jonathan HR Canvas Hunter HR Canvas

The soft feeling of fur, the bright eyes, whiskers and paws of so many creatures are engaging. Many humans claim to love animals more than their own species - which is explored in this blog by Rachel Greenberg.

The animal art in our collection is always extremely popular. People particularly love the Angela series where a variety of animals are dressed in Renaissance finery. Each creature looks strangely noble and haughty in their costumery.


While these examples of animal art are tongue in cheek and designed to make us smile, the same approach can be more haunting and strange.

In the art collection from Stefano Bonazzi he explores this idea in a variety of images. His artworks always obscure the human subject’s faces. In both Flowers and Nightmare 2 the human head is hidden behind a rabbit mask, creating quite an unnerving effect.


The natural world is a part of who we are as human beings. We may have constructed artificial surroundings to give us shelter and comfort, but there are many things about nature that our bodies and psyches miss and crave.

Nature art is a great route to bring some of that ancient realism to our living and working spaces, boosting our wellbeing and giving us inspiration. This is also the inspiration behind our range of nature and animal wallpaper - taking images of trees, flowers, leaves and more to bring a feeling of outdoors, indoors.

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