Inspiring Wall Art Ideas for your Living Room in 2021

Inspiring Wall Art Ideas for your Living Room in 2021

Posted by Faith McMath on 20th Sep 2021

Choosing wall art for your home is a responsible job. Not only will the artwork you choose have a big influence over the atmosphere and ‘feel’ of the room, but it needs real longevity.

You and those you live with will see your chosen artwork every day, so it needs to be something that you love and will enjoy in your home for the long term.

This is even more true when it comes to choosing Living room wall art - your living room is usually the most-used space in your home, so it’s even more important to find something perfect. Let’s look at some of the things to consider when choosing art for your living room in 2021.

Image credit: @jackdmarch

Living room wall art styles

The first step is to think about the style of art you are looking for in your room. Here’s a rundown of the most popular styles of art, which should help narrow down your options for living room wall art. Everyone’s art tastes are personal and unique, so there are no right or wrong choices.

1-Abstract art

Abstract art is the name for artworks that don’t attempt to represent an accurate depiction of visual reality. Instead they use shapes, colours, forms, and gestures to achieve an effect.

Abstract art is a wonderful choice when a room calls for a large, oversize piece that doesn’t dominate the ‘story’ of the room. Colourful art will pop against white walls, but they can work equally well against a rich backdrop like patterned wallpaper.

There is a huge range of styles of art within the abstract genre. Examples can be calming and peaceful or vibrant and exciting. Explore our abstract wall art collection to get a sense of what you like and what might work in your space.

Geode 4 Framed Printed canvas

2-Figurative art

Figurative art simply works that include a figure - a person. It can describe all kinds of styles of art from a traditional portrait to a more surreal or dreamlike scene.

Mineheart is famous for its modern take on classical portraiture - our Orange Pencil and Bubblegum pieces are perfect examples. We love to update a Renaissance picture with something a little more modern.

A less traditional option for figurative living room wall art is the work of artist Himitsuhana. All of her works are figurative and blend photography and digital techniques to create something dreamlike, atmospheric, and beautiful. 

Space does not exist Framed Printed Canvas

3-Landscape art

Many of us like the idea of creating a ‘window’ into a different land with our living room wall art. Landscape art is a wonderful way to do this - whether you like the idea of a cityscape, a windswept coast, or a serene piece of countryside.

Choose from a traditional landscape scene or something more contemporary to suit your tastes.

Takeshita Tsim Sha Tsui daytime Limited Edition Print

4-Surreal art

Surreal art can describe so many different styles of work. The idea is to bring another dimension to life in an art form. The result can be fun and lighthearted, dreamlike, or haunting and strange. What you choose can only be informed by your own tastes and whether you find something captivating and interesting about the image. We have many options for you to consider! 


5-Pop Art

Pop Art is a modern art style that was huge in the 1960s. It draws on popular culture for inspiration, taking ideas from movies, advertising, product packaging, pop music, and comic books.

If you’re looking for a piece of living room wall art that packs a punch, through colour or strong imagery, pop art could be a great choice.

Madonna Limited Edition Print

Think about the energy for your space

In choosing the perfect piece of living room wall art, make sure you consider the ‘feel’ that you want the room to have. What time of day do you use your living room the most? Do you want it to feel like a relaxing haven in your home? Or would you rather it has a more energetic vibe for entertaining your friends and family?

Choosing wall art is also an opportunity to bring some personality to your home. Do you like art that makes you smile? Or art that represents your eye for beauty? Is there a passion you’d like to bring to life on your walls?

Image credit: @agi_at_59

Matching a colour theme

Once you have narrowed down the style of art that most interests you, you can start looking at the aesthetics of the various pieces and how they might fit in your living room.

Some people choose to find artwork that blends with the colour scheme. For example, if you have a neutral room but use an accent colour to add interest, a piece of artwork can complete the overall look. 

This image also brings to life the power of a gallery wall - a great way to add interest and texture to your room. Perfect too if you can’t decide on a single piece of art!

Image credit: @greenflamingo_anna

Placing and framing your wall art

Many rooms have a clear focal point where you will want to place your chosen art, such as over a fireplace or in the centre of the longest wall.

The placement of your living room wall art needs careful consideration. Always aim for symmetry - hang your artwork in the center of the wall horizontally. Vertically, you may need to allow for furniture or a hearth. Get a friend to hold your wall art in place and check the height before you commit to a certain position.

Framing is also an important consideration. The colour and style of your frame will have a big impact on the overall effect in your space. Will you choose a modern and minimalist frame or something more ornate? Our framed wall art comes with a variety of framing options. Some of our luxury art designs have a frame effect printed on the canvas itself, which is a quirky and versatile option - especially if you would like a hot pink or yellow frame to complete your interior design! 

Image credit: @miss_mustard_design