The Orange Pencil Canvas

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All Mineheart products come with 1 year guarantee and we accept returns for a fu…


All Mineheart products come with 1 year guarantee and we accept returns for a full refund.




Pencil Wall Art


The Orange Pencil canvas print designed by Young & Battaglia. 

The orange pencil canvas is a visual representation of the phrase "Don't take life to seriously" Part of Mineheart's Pencil Wall Art collection. The Orange Pencil canvas is a fun yet aesthetically traditional addition to your home.

As a reminder to smile and not take life too seriously, 16th century artist Agnolo Bronzino probably didn’t envision his painting ‘A portrait of an unknown woman’ to quite take on this form of satire but as one of Mineheart's most favoured and popular eccentric and wacky wall arts it’s as popular as ever. 

The pencil under the nose is enough to brighten our day. Our posture, the way we move and our facial expressions all affect our emotions... so remember to smile and you will feel happier, stand tall and you will be stronger, and move gracefully and you will feel like a ballerina! The orange pencil canvas shows a woman with an orange pencil across her top lip, provoked into using her facial muscles to hold the pencil in place and as such actually feeling happier for doing so. Explore the full Mineheart Wall art range

Artists Quote

"Inspired by a psychological study on the ‘facial feedback’ theory of emotion, whereby people were asked the same questions with a pencil under their nose and without it, and then asking how they felt. They were happier using their facial muscles as, by smiling and doing certain facial expressions, you can actually feel happier..." Brendan Young

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Customisation :

      • Standard stretched canvas with printed ornate border: Any of stretched canvas can be customised from as small as possible up to (H) XX cm x (W) XX cm subject to image quality resolution. Find out more or request a wall art customisation.
      • Real Wooden Ornate Canvas Frame: The ornate frame comes in the above three sizes and the size cannot be customised.

Theme: Comical art, Orange pencil canvas, Printed black frame art, Lady art, Mannerism art

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