5 Home Decorating Ideas To Get You Inspired

5 Home Decorating Ideas To Get You Inspired

Posted by Carmen Sasa on 28th Jun 2021

Spending time on your home decoration is always a good idea. If you are creative and handy, you will have a good time during the development and, after that, will find yourself in a place better than it was before. However, this is a process which should start with an initial idea and a plan to make it happen.

And it is not always easy to come across the first idea, this eureka moment, which makes us discover the way forward. Where to begin? What is the main thing I have to pay attention to? Is this wall art adequate to the new face my room will have?

Well, let’s talk about five home decorating ideas which undoubtedly will help you to find this starting point which will make your home a unique place.


Queen Wall art

One of the most useful home decorating ideas you can use in a room is to choose an area to become the main space. It will be decorated with the most eye-catching piece of the room, while the rest will be in the secondary. Well, this proposal consists in having a stunning focal point not for its colour or shape, but for its originality.

A good piece of wall art to highlight a certain space could seem almost a cliché, if it were not for the fact there are many kinds of wall art. If you want a safe bet, decide on surrealism, like the Maximilion canvas. These are beautiful, impactful pieces neither realistic nor abstract which cannot be easily defined. Let's only say they will not leave you indifferent.

And now, it is the turn of decorating the rest of the room. In this case, the best thing is pay attention to the predominant colour of this main wall art piece, and add a little of the same tone or another contrasting for all over the room. Wallpaperornaments... All is valid.


Grey yellow wall art

As you may know, black and white are one of the most used mixtures of colour you can find inside and outside the interior design world. However, there are other pairs of colours playing their part. Ultimate Grey and Illuminating Yellow are a perfect couple which give us a more optimistic vision of the world and are a key element of the main home decorating ideas this year.

You can get this versatile match in many ways, but choosing a yellow or gray wallpaper can be a good first step. A yellow pied de poule wallpaper, for example, is as elegant as it is funny. All a success for a living room, especially if we add wall art in gray tones to get this combination.

But we would need more gray to extend the mixture. Original and quality cushions in this tone over your sofa can help with the task and add an elegant touch. On the other hand, a sophisticated rug with this hue can be the perfect piece to balance this gray and yellow atmosphere.

Faux Cowhide Rug


If there is something essential when renovating a room is to have good light. Of course, a couple of windows never hurts, but the effect can be maximized through the adequate home decorating ideas. Clear tones, but white above all, are able to add clarity, cleanliness and freshness to a room, and consequently improve our mood there.

Is this what you are looking for? Well, you could start with a nice wallpaper where white leads the pattern. There are many different designs, but panelling imitation, in its order, can boost this calm feeling. Clear wall art would be the second point. An image evoking freedom, clouds, the sea... will be perfect for this style.

But the masterpiece here must be lighting. A pendant light offering powerful light, but also being an exquisite detail in white will be the icing on the cake. In this sense, something original like the ‘Muse Statue Lamp’, which evoques classical art, would add light from its bulb but also from its design.

Hero Statue Lamp


The most colorful season can be at home forever; as easy as having the best blooming decoration. Light, flowers, nature in general are essential elements of Spring, and also a fantastic décor combo. You and your bedroom, living room or dining room can benefit from the energy and joy this home decorating ideas can bring.

Flowers, of course, should be the main image on walls; blossom landscapes, but also more original ideas which, far from being less natural, are unique compositions characterised by their innovation and freshness. A diverging shape and content wall art, with special attention to different types of flowers, like the limited edition print ‘Queen (white remix’), can be perfect.

Light is the other pillar of this style. Whether we are talking about a bedroom or not, table lamps are almost a must; indispensable to brighten a dark nook. In this case, if they evoke nature, so much the better. A white feather lamp would look spectacular, bringing Spring elegance to your room.

Feather Pendant Lamp


As important as having a welcoming home, is having a decoration which really reflects yourself. So, in this case, we will depart from unexpected details, obviously with a special meaning, to plan later the rest of the decór. It is valid everywhere but particularly good for a bedroom, due to its personalisation.

Are you a pet lover? Choose wall art related to animals then. Oran animal bust in your favourite color. Do you like pleasant aromas? Scented candles can help you, apart from looking sensational as ornaments. But you can give anotherturn of the screw and have a shelf with your laptop inside a very artistic clutch bag. Even ascarf can decorate a bedroom if you can place it properly.

Princess Flaminia figurine

The rest of the room will need something in tune with these changes. But if you make an effort, you could find fabrics for your curtains, or wallpaper and wall art to match the same patterns as your favourite detail. Simply perfect for getting a harmonised home.