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Explore the Mineheart collection of monochrome wall art.

Making a statement in the trend of black and white wall prints and other decorative objects. Monochrome is known for its sophistication and sobriety, offering flexibility with its surrounding colour schemes. The elegance of these grey-scale art designs is enhanced by the framing options available and the possibility of customisation to fit with your interior scheme. 

The monochrome effect has been added to wall art designs such the very popular “Madame Blush” - an art print of a lady in black and white where her face has been vandalised by dark golden graffiti, adding a little contrast to the classical image. Moving on from art prints, you will also find limited edition prints and original paintings fitting the monochrome art scheme, such as “Accidental beauty 3” - elegance found in the minimalism of this painting and others from its original painting collection.


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