She Is Watching Wall art

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She Is Watching Wall art Designed by Maximillion

Inspired by the Sci-Fi novel 'I-Robot' (Issac Asimov 1950) this image was conceived as an exploration of the concept of artificial intelligence and the philosophic question: Can robots develop a conscience? The character in the image is female, she has some decorative softness in a string of pearls and a white feather, but her voice is cold, digitised and harsh, think of her as Alexa's maleficent sister. Maybe she talks like the computer Hal in Stanley Kubrick's Film 2001 A Space Oddessy. A crustacean claw caresses her earlobe to let you know she is not human. Her luminous electric eye watches you. She collects data. She is watching.



Product Info:

      • Frame Options
        • Classic wooden black box frame(2.6cm wide , 1.9cm depth)
        • Stretched canvas ( No frame)
      • Material: 280g Matte poly canvas stretched on FSC certified Natural Birchwood box frame

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      • Mini size : 1-7 days
      • Small/ Medium / Large : 1-2 weeks.
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