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We make it easy to find the perfect rug to complement your interior design. Use the filters to explore our collection of rugs by colour.

Our rug collection spans the full colour palette, with single colour and multicolour rug options. Plus, we’re not constrained by shape. Our designer rug collection offers rectangular, round rugs, square rugs and faux cowhide designs. Search by shape if you have a clear vision for the shape of rug you want.

A luxury rug will transform any interior, adding visual interest and texture to your floor space. Our high quality, luxurious rugs aim to blend art with functionality. We believe art shouldn’t just be for walls, so many of the most loved Mineheart wall art designs are also available in rug form.

Some Mineheart rugs are pictorial, carrying images from designers such as Himitsuhana, Joao Figueiredo, Angela Rossi and Furio Brigo. Others are just as artistic but a little more abstract, creating a wonderful feature for any floor area.

Our designs range from high impact, bright designs like Soul Searching Red and Blue or Kashan Remix Orange and Pink, to more neutral or monochrome shades. Do take a look at all the colour options on the Kashan remix rug, as they span 10 different choices to suit any space. For other traditional style rugs with a modern twist, see the Monochrome Magic and Princely Purple designs.

All our rugs featured a soft medium pile to give a good mix of comfort and practicality. They work really well in commercial applications as well as domestic spaces.  Remember too that like most Mineheart products, our rugs are customisable. Want one of our designs in a different size or shape? Or are interested in creating a rug from one of our wall art designs or even wallpapers? Just see our Bespoke page and contact us with your requirements.

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