Pray For Rain Canvas

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Pray For Rain Canvas by Stefano Bonazzi

The Pray for Rain canvas is a wonderfully surreal piece of luxury canvas art. It features a desert landscape with strange, bent arrow shaped buildings curving towards the ground. In the foreground a faceless woman has emerged from a striped hat box and is also bending backwards. She has three umbrellas - one open in her hand, one hiding her arm and a furled umbrella is on her head.

This surreal canvas art nods to great works from Salvador Dali and Magritte, while creating a mysterious air all of its own. It will capture attention on any wall, as part of a gallery display or as a standalone luxury canvas. 

Stefano Bonazzi has built an international reputation for his surrealism canvas artworks, which blend photography with digital objects to create dreamlike scenes. A regular theme in his work is for a solitary, faceless human to be stranded in a strange landscape. To learn more about our collection of Stefano's work, visit our blog

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  • Small     : (H) 50.8 cm   x (W)   71.11 cm x (D) 1.9 cm / 20.00" x 27.99" x 0.74"
  • Medium : (H) 50.8 cm   x (W)   71.11 cm x (D) 1.9 cm / 20.00" x 27.99" x 0.74"
  • Large     : (H) 50.8 cm   x (W)   71.11 cm x (D) 1.9 cm / 20.00" x 27.99" x 0.74"

Frame               : 1.9cm classic black colour box frame

Customization :

  • Any of our wall art can be customized .i.e.size, frame type, or any other modifications to suit the project brief. Find out more or request a wall art customization.

Lead Time         : 1-2 weeks

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