Wallpaper That Looks Like Panelling

Wallpaper That Looks Like Panelling

19th Feb 2020

Wood Panel Effect WallpaperAlmost White Dutch Inlay Panelling Wallpaper

To start from the beginning, wood panels used in interiors fitted the needs of both an aesthetic and practicality reason.  Dating back many centuries and commonly referred to as "wainscoting" the wooden panels on the lower half of a room provided a great means of insulation and damp proofing for properties, it also gave a way of breaking up the wall space for traditionally tall walls in properties built of the Georgian and Victorian eras.  Today, wooden panelling is purely used for aesthetic reasons and sadly, in many cases, original panelling has to be removed to allow for more effective damp-proofing for older properties.

Bleached Oak Victorian Panelling Wallpaper  Charcoal Victorian Panelling Wallpaper  

Dark Oak Victorian Panelling Wallpaper  Almost White Victorian Panelling Wallpaper

But do not worry! Wooden panelling may look luxurious but it can turn out to be quite an expensive job, especially if a professional is required to complete the works which is why that wooden panel effect wallpapers are so popular today.  You can create a statement wall paying homage to the history on a much lower budget. 

Bleached Dutch Inlay Panelling Wallpaper  Charcoal Dutch Inlay Panelling Wallpaper

Wainscoting or wood panelling wallpaper creates a realistic wood-effect cladding to the walls and can have an instant impact and the variations available on the market mean that it will suit both an older and newer property.  The panel effect wallpapers available on Mineheart spread a wide colour range and styles to enable you to find the perfect one to suit your home interior.

Grey/ Rose Panelling Wallpaper  Grey/ Turquoise Panelling Wallpaper

Grey Marine Panelling Wallpaper

Whilst traditionally, wainscoting covered the lower half the room people today are embracing this to the next level and often covering entire walls of rooms from floor to ceiling - subtle panel effect wallpapers such as the White Panelling Wallpaper available at Mineheart is a great wood effect design for completing this without being too over-powering.  However, if you are wanting to keep to the more traditional look then using a panel effect wallpaper for the lower half wall can be combined with a dado rail and a painted, complimenting colour scheme of your choice above.

Wooden panelling is a popular choice, adding a rich wood effect design to the walls within your home is a great way to add depth and unique style to your room - the range of wooden panel wallpapers available at Mineheart cover both wood effect and block colour schemes that provide a modern alternative to traditional Georgian and Victorian wooden panels.

georgian panelling wallpaper