Mineheart presents this wonderful collection of wood wallpaper, which is perfect if you like wooden walls but your house was built with bricks. But, of course, it can also be absolutely convenient if, simply, you want to renovate a room with good taste and the charm which you can get with wood looks wallpaper. This selection of faux wood wallpaper, from the most minimalistic pattern to the hyperrealistic wood texture wallpaper, will give a classic and natural appearance to your home which the most nostalgic people could appreciate. But also a stylish touch with all the freshness the most modern members in the family need.

Light driftwood Damask wallpaper is a very good example of the above mentioned approach. It is wood panel wallpaper which looks very authentic, and has a Damask patter emulating white paint. Both elements are very classical, but their fusion creates something unusual, avant-garde. Dark driftwood Damask wallpaper, the black version of this wood plank wallpaper, is very eclectic too. It can be said Grey & pink woodgrain outline wallpaper combines diverse trends as well: wood grain wallpaper for excellence, its elemental look and its sweet colours make it suitable to satisfy all large disparity of tastes. Does it fit yours?

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