The Classico Paisley Texture Wallpaper

The Classico Paisley Texture Wallpaper

1st May 2019

A collection of paisley patterned wallpaper available in three light colour ways.  

 Signified by the teardrop shaped motif of the paisley pattern. these designs focus on the detail of the pattern created by the embossing rather than a traditional use of colour, perfect for a subtle alternative to a paisley designed wall.



texture wallpaper

Classico Paisley  texture wallpaper - Magnolia

This design comes across as a quiet pattern due to it's light colour ways, but the fine embossing details a full  paisley design to this wallpaper, with a hint of glitter to the magnolia background.


Classico Paisley texture wallpaper - Cream

This wallpaper design shows a white embossed paisley pattern on top of a cream background with a very subtle shimmer.


Classico Paisley texture wallpaper - French Green

This  embossed wallpaper displays an embossed paisley design in a light green finish with a hint of a shimmer to the background.



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