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If you’re specifically looking for embossed wallpaper for your next redecoration project, you’re in the right place. Embossed wallpaper is thick and textured, with a coloured pattern. It is raised on the design side and hollow on the other. Embossed wallpapers add depth to any wall and are ideal for hiding imperfections like bumps, cracks, scratches, and rough areas.

Most Mineheart wallpaper designs are made from textured vinyl, which tends to be easier to work with than an embossed paper. Our innovative and creative designs often give a three dimensional effect, as you might expect from a truly embossed wallpaper design.

A great example of this optical illusion style wallpaper is our panelling wallpaper range, which adds visual depth and texture to any space. The same is true of our Chesterfield wallpaper collection which emulates button-back, padded leather.

Another option for that embossed look is the Twist design by Emanuele Pangrazi which has a huge design impact in any space. Waves and Scratch are other amazing options in our collection of white wallpaper designs. 

The ultimate option when it comes to embossed wallpaper is our Paper Palace wall mural - a breathtaking statement for any wall, transforming a space into a true palace with arches, columns and a vast floor space. 

Our advice when choosing wallpaper for an interiors project is not to be led by the type of finish for a wallpaper design, but instead shop by colour or by design to find the right wallpaper to transform your chosen space. 

Our textured vinyl wallpapers are easy to apply, wipeable and suitable for kitchens and bathrooms. Some wallpapers, as shown on this page, come with an emboss option to deliver even more texture to the walls. 

Remember too that Mineheart offers a unique loyalty scheme, where you can earn points and access exclusive deals as a regular customer. 

Embossed wallpaper

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