The 5 Must-Have Luxury Home Features You Should Include In Your Dream Home

The 5 Must-Have Luxury Home Features You Should Include In Your Dream Home

Posted by Amy Scott on 27th Oct 2022

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Luxury homes feature some spectacular attributes that are not available in general homes and that are what makes them special. The lavish homeowners build their dream homes upon the current opulent trends. In recent years, certain trends have become popular in luxury homemaking. Today’s discussion is about that.

What Is Trending With Luxury Home Designs In 2024?

Nowadays, luxury homes do include not only modern home design & latest furniture but also include certain elements that make them top-notch. The current trend that is going on in luxury home design is-

  • Seamless Design

Seamless design concepts idealize the thought of open space by creating a spacious vibe even in a limited area. Living room, passage, & guestrooms are reconceptualized and are given a new dimension. An open kitchen concept is popular following this trend which includes a common dining area.

  • Sustainable & Eco-friendly building materials

Not just the home design has been remodeled; the past few years and upcoming times will see a drastic change in the home building materials. A survey conducted by the U.S. Green Building Council shows about 73% of American homeowners are leaning towards environment-friendly substances and are willing to pay more for them. When talking about sustainability, ultra-efficient home appliances & technology are their top priority when they are building their dream house.

  • Self-sufficient heating & cooling system

The most efficient heating & cooling systems are induced in luxury homes not only to ensure comfort but also to be self-reliant in any moment of crisis. Luxury homeowners prefer a low-maintenance heating & cooling system.

  • Home gardens & orchards

Backyard home gardens & orchards are a part of luxury home trends. In the past few years in real estate history, it has become a symbol of self-reliance, eco-friendliness, as well as self-retreat among luxury homebuyers.

The greenery surrounding the home provides fresh produce for the family, produces more oxygen in the air, natural shade, and fragrances from the flowers.

Let’s take a look at the five must-have features of a luxury home.

6 Must-Have Luxury Home Features

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1- View

One of the most important features of any luxury home is the view. A good view can be the difference between a home that sells and one that doesn’t. A luxury home with a view of the ocean, for example, will always be in high demand.

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A view can also add to the resale value of a home. Homes with a great view tend to appreciate at a higher rate than homes without a view. This makes sense, as buyers are willing to pay more for a home with a great view.

There are many cities with views. Some of these cities include Aspen, Colorado, Beverly Hills, California, and Miami, Florida. Each of these cities has its own unique luxury homes with incredible views.

Aspen is known for its beautiful mountain scenery. The city has many luxurious ski chalets and lodges with stunning views of the Rocky Mountains. Beverly Hills is home to some of the most expensive real estate in the world. Many of these homes have sweeping views of Los Angeles and the Hollywood Hills. Miami is a popular destination for celebrities and wealthy individuals from all over the world. The city has numerous high-rise condominiums and mansions with waterfront views of Biscayne Bay and the Atlantic Ocean. Colorado Springs has some of the best views in the country. From stunning mountain views to luxurious interiors, these homes have it all. This is why Colorado Springs has the highest priced luxury homes on market.

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2- Latest Technology

We can not deny the impact of technology in every sphere of our life & the same for our luxury homes. Luxury homeowners want technological innovations implemented in their homes to control the internal weather, turn on & off the lights, lock the doors, and control the alarm system with only a touch on the phone from miles away.

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These built-in automated features are a necessary part of luxury homes and homeowners prefer real estate builders who give this service over others. Another addition is ‘Designer Lighting’. Indirect lighting is a contemporary thought that designers implement in the housing design to add a different lighting mood.

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3- A Luxury Kitchen

Since the kitchen is considered the heart of a house, a luxury home needs a luxury kitchen. It exhibits the utmost elegance in cabinetry, countertops, & kitchen appliances. This essential part of a luxury home also includes a butler’s pantry. Sometimes, the dining room is adjoined by an alfresco area where the family can enjoy most of their meals.

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4- High-End Security

High-end homes are also about high-end security. Smart home includes the latest smart-home automation with a one-touch remote-controlled lighting, heating, cooling system, and high-security cameras, ensuring a low-carbon imprint and safe home environment. The system also supports irrigation, ventilation, shades, a pool & spa with a finger touch which are remotely programmable.

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5- Latest High-quality fittings

Lavish homeowners like to use the most stunning finishes & fittings in their homes. Be it the highest-end home appliances or interior design, they prefer elegance & top quality over other things. But some would go for reclaimed materials, like wood & bamboo, since it is also a growing trend. So, wood beams, floorings, doors, & cabinets are also visible.

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The master bath in a luxury home is a place to relax & retreat, which includes Bluetooth-speaker shower heads, freestanding tubs, aromatherapy, saunas, etc. The bath also has elegant fittings- luxury wallpaper, stunning brass faucets, decorative tiles, a smart toilet, and gorgeous wash basins, like other places in the home. A high-end home also has a separate layout for the tub & vanities adjacent to the dressing room.

6- Outdoor Lifestyle Elements

Private outdoor space is a luxury these days, especially for those who live in the city. Homes in the countryside have this feature without even costing you more, whereas town people have to pay about 25% more for this luxury. The owner prefers to have opulent outdoor amenities in the contemporary home design.

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The essential outdoor lifestyle elements for a luxury home are an appealing front entrance & a relaxation area in the backyard. This can include a casual seating arena with a deck & patio. Classy homes may also feature an outdoor kitchen to arrange summer BBQ, which generally includes a sink, small refrigerator, stone workbench-top, and an outdoor fireplace.

Besides this, you can plant decorative trees, fountains, ponds, etc., in the yard. Apart from these, other outdoor entertainment facilities can be utilized, such as a swimming pool, tennis court, etc.

So, these are the features you should look for when buying a luxury home.