Bubblegum Portrait -1

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Bubblegum Portrait -1 By Young & Battaglia in collaboration with artist Kirin Young

Dark hair gathered in a copper ribbon that highlights a pink bubble-gum. The artist makes a decisive choice: a clear and strongly desired contrast between sensual pose and irony. A really funny portrait painting within the bubble gum art series, with references to a revolutionary century. As only Art itself knows how to be.  It is the ancient evocation of contemporary women who know how to use their irony to face today's life. This bubblegum portrait features well to-do ladies in all their finery letting their bubblegum habit add a little mischief to their portraits.There is no mobile phone, but bubble gum gives speed to the canvas and pushes it into the present. This portrait of a woman blowing a bubble of gum is a strong subject, chosen as a symbol of challenge to social conventions, as a desire for change without rage and hatred but rather with a wise intuition of one's own autonomy of judgement.


  • Mini size:           (H)   50.8 cm x (W) 40.6 cm    x (D) 3.2 cm  / 20.00” x 15.98” x 1.25”
  • Standard size:  (H) 101.6 cm x (W) 81.3 cm    x (D) 3.2 cm  / 40.00” x 32.00” x 1.25”
  • Large size:        (H) 172.7 cm x (W) 137.2 cm  x (D) 3.2 cm  / 67.99” x 54.02” x 1.25”

Product Info:

  • Frame: Classic wooden black box frame(3.2cm depth)
  • Material: 280g Matte polyester canvas, FSC certified Natural Birch wood box frame 

Lead Time: 1-2 weeks.

Bubblegum Wall Art