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Colourful and Eclectic Homes | Interiors Blog | Mineheart

Posted by Faith McMath on 15th Mar 2023

Dusty Pink Panelling Wallpaper

Something that unites most Mineheart fans is the desire to create an interesting, engaging space that’s full of personality and character.

Life is too short for interior design to be bland - choose your own path. In this blog, we celebrate colourful eclectic home decor, where we choose furniture, art, decor and accessories because they speak to us, not because they match a specific theme.

Botanical Chinoiserie White and Blue Wallpaper

What is eclectic decor?

According to, the term “eclecticism” comes from the Greek word eklektikos, which translates as ‘selective’” Eclectic design first emerged in the nineteenth century when architects started giving a unique twist to their designs while maintaining elements of traditional style.

A Masterclass in Interior Design suggests that there are three Characteristics of Eclectic Style:

  1. Mixing prints, patterns, and textures to create layers of interest.
  2. Fusing the modern and traditional. An example is pairing vintage furniture with minimalist art.
  3. It’s carefully curated. Eclectic decor may look haphazard and effortless, but making the look work takes real focus.

Pied De Poule -M Wallpaper

Where do I start with creating colourful eclectic decor?

Step one is to explore the world of eclectic interiors and seek out what you like and don’t like. Instagram is a great source of ideas, and @eclectichome focuses on eclectic decor and design while @theelectricpenguin is a fantastic example of colourful eclectic home design.

A Pinterest board from Deeply Madly Modern gives good examples too.

Choose a room for your first eclectic design project and identify how far you want to go with your makeover. Are you going to start from scratch, in which case you will want to look at wall decor and flooring, or use accessories like eclectic wall art and furniture to create the look you want?

Gentleman Puzzled Portrait Red Jacket  Lady Puzzled Portrait Blue Dress

Where can I buy colourful wallpaper?

Your wallpaper choice is a brilliant way to create an eclectic decor theme. Our botanical wallpaper collection is the perfect place to start. Each design has a different base colour, with large and small floral motifs that emulate the classic designs of William Morris.

Another quintessential eclectic wall decor design is our range of wood panelling wallpapers, which give a traditional period atmosphere, but in a modern range of colours including mustard, teal, dusty pink and turquoise.

Take a look at our leather-look Chesterfield wallpaper range, which spans both traditional colours and shocking pink, and see our feather wallpaper too for a variety of colours and designs that look so real you can almost feel them.

Mustard Panelling Wallpaper

Where can I buy eclectic wall art?

Wall art is an important feature in creating a colourful eclectic home. Many of our pieces are eclectic in their own right - blending both traditional and modern to create something unique and engaging.

Kirin Young has created a vibrant collection of eclectic wall art in a Pop Art style. These comic-book inspired pieces bring colour and character to any space, from a boardroom to a kitchen.

For a more Renaissance feel, explore our parody art and the much loved pencil and bubblegum canvases.

Pop Panda and Sunglasses Lady  Pop Dog and Sunglasses Gentleman

Himitsuhana’s works are popular with clients creating eclectic wall art collections, through her use of imaginative and dream-like fantasy art styles.

A gallery wall is often a feature in an eclectic theme. It’s an opportunity to celebrate a wide range of artistic styles and directions. Your choice of frames are important too when showing eclectic wall art. Blend ornate and metallic frames with simpler styles or unframed canvases.

Air is not enough canvas wall art

What home accessories suit colourful eclectic decor?

Accessories play a big role in creating that eclectic decor look. Lighting is an important place to start - whether you need a large central lighting feature or to add an accent with table or floor lamps.

The Pink Waterloo Lamp is a perfect example of a colourful eclectic piece. It’s bright, blends the contemporary and the modern, and will add interest and character to any table or corner that needs a little brightening up.

The feather table lamp is also a feature item that will create an instant transformation - perfect for a bedroom, dining room or guest space.

Little Crush II Table Lam

Flooring is the next area for focus. A rug can be a highly effective way of setting the tone for a space and create a focal point. There are so many options to explore - from a faux cowhide rug to add shape and texture, to a modern twist on a Persian style carpet, such as the Monochrome Magic Rug.

Colour is important too, so take a look at the different options on the very popular Kashan Remix rug, with opulent shades of green, red, orange, peach, blue and more.

Kashan Remix Purple Rug

Where can I buy eclectic ornaments and other accessories?

Don’t overlook sculptures and ornaments as important sources of eclectic decor and interiors inspiration. Candlesticks, figurines and ceramics add character to a space and help enhance your theme.

Princess Flaminia figurine -Pink

Never shy away from the bright and colourful - see Brother Stanwick in yellow as a great source of vibrancy.

Cushions will also enhance the eclectic design in any living space. Our collection offers designs that span multiple genres and include both eclectic wall art recreations and abstract patterns.

Artistic Cushion Pink

An eclectic home can effectively be whatever you want it to be. The aim is to do your own thing, to design from the heart and find the direction that suits you and the space.

For more inspiration on eclectic decor and creating beauty from the unexpected, take a look at the some other Mineheart articles, including How to decorate with colour, Interior inspiration for your apartment, How to choose wall art and Mineheart’s Design Awards - dining venue.

Black Persian Faux Cowhide Rug