How to decorate with colour

How to decorate with colour

Posted by Faith McMath on 25th Oct 2022

Pied De Poule -Y Wallpaper

Something you might have noticed about us here at Mineheart is that we’re not into the bland. Colourful wallpaper, vibrant wall art, eclectic lighting and unique accessories, yes… vanilla decor and understated design? Not so much.

While there’s always a time and a place for neutral decor, it’s just not what we’re all about.

For us, interiors should be engaging, inspiring, vibrant and individual. And to us that often means colourful.

Here’s our guide to decorating with colour.

Dusty Pink Panelling Wallpaper

Colourful wallpaper - dos and don’ts

Decorating with colour doesn’t have to mean colourful wallpaper, but that’s a great place to start. Here are some tips to point you in the right direction.

Do: have a think about the colours that will potentially work in your space - but don’t limit yourself by colour at this stage. There are lots of unique colourful wallpaper designs that could work in the room, so spend time browsing and exploring. Sometimes restricting your colour options will narrow the field too much.

Do: consider whether you will want a plain design with a bold colour, or a large, high impact pattern. Some bright, colourful wallpaper has low level detailing which can be very effective. In other spaces a big geometric print can create a wonderful theme.

Meadow Pattern Flower Aqua Wallpaper

Do: consider florals - there are so many options, don’t discount the idea of botanical prints or William Morris-esque designs before exploring a few. Flower prints are great bedroom colour ideas and also look fantastic in bathroom spaces.

Don’t: miss exploring panel colourful wallpaper - these designs are enormously popular and work in all kinds of spaces. There are all kinds of options to look at including period-style wood panelling effects, stylised modern outline versions of panel designs and also a variety of coloured panel wallpapers including yellow, pink, teal and even two-tone options.

Pied De Poule Wallpaper -Aquamarine & Grey

Don’t: pay attention to the ‘rules’ about restricting colourful wallpaper to feature walls. Get some samples and decide for yourself whether the room will benefit from colourful wallpaper on all sides or even a mixture of designs.

Don’t: disregard dark or neutral wallpaper - in some spaces using a less colourful wallpaper design can be the ideal background to bring in other forms of colour. Wall art, furniture and other accessories can provide the pop of colour you’re looking for.

Do: be brave! The most exciting and inspiring spaces are those where the interior designer has taken a risk or pushed the boundaries of convention. Set the trend - and share the results with us! We love to see people’s designs on social media.

Morris Dream - Classic dark green with colours Wallpaper

Decorating with colourful wall art

Not every project or space will suit colourful wallpaper, and there are many more ways to bring colour into an interior design.

Colourful wall art is a superb way to inject interest, vibrancy and atmosphere into your space. It’s ideal in a large room, a reception or meeting space, but equally as a source of bedroom colour ideas.

Pop Graffiti Lucia

Pop art designs are a great place to start in seeking out colourful artworks. Pop art is rarely drab and pulls on contemporary art styles such as comic books, graffiti and Hollywood imagery to bring life and excitement to art.

Equally, abstract art frequently uses bold shades and big ideas to create interesting and appealing visual interest.

Rainbow graffiti over blue eye

At Mineheart we love art that blends classic and contemporary styles. For a more ‘period’ colourful look, explore Angela Rossi’s collection of aristocratic animals, including a regal flamingo, a military monkey and a dignitary French bulldog.

These colourful portraits add texture and a touch of humour to your interior design.

Cousin Parker' Canvas

Colour from the floor up

Never underestimate the power of flooring to set the tone for your interior. This is certainly an area where neutrals reign supreme - but it doesn’t have to be that way.

True, not everyone will go for wall to wall fuchsia carpeting, but breaking up a large area of floor with a vibrant rug can make all the difference between bland and boisterous.

This is the precise effect we’re aiming for with the Soul Searching rug design - something powerful and confident that brings a floor to life.

Angels over city Framed Printed Canvas

Rugs are great sources of bedroom colour ideas, living room themes and break up floors in hotels, reception spaces and other venues.

We never shy away from colourful rug designs as the Gypsy Faux Cowhide collection and Kashan Remix options demonstrate.

Kashan Remix Orange Pink Rug

Bedroom colour ideas and other accessories

If you’re looking for bedroom colour ideas, bedlinen and curtains can be a key source of vibrancy, but in any space your use of accessories is a crucial way to bring more visual interest to the interior design theme.

Remember that lighting isn’t just a way to eradicate darkness. The light source itself is a key design feature that can add colour and brightness to the space. Gold is a highly versatile colour for interiors, but you can go bolder than that with pink, yellow or another colour that complements your theme.

Pink Waterloo Table Lamp (Pink Shade) Black Waterloo Table Lamp -New Shade

Ornaments and sculptures are also a way to embrace a more colourful theme. Interiors experts can’t get enough of the Mineheart coloured range of animal figurines, which come in yellow, pink, grey, white and black.

Princess Flaminia figurine -Pink

And then of course, there are cushions! There’s nothing more welcoming than a space liberally festooned with colourful cushions. They create a homely feeling, please the eye and invite us to lounge and relax.

In our view, cushions are much more than seat padding. They are little artworks in themselves. Many of the most popular art canvases in our collection are depicted in cushion form - as are numerous colourful wallpaper designs.

Artistic Cushion Grey

So the takeaway message from this blog is… don’t be bland. Life’s too short to choose vanilla. Choose blueberry, mint, strawberry and lime! Fill your interior with colour and banish the drab.

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